DS106: Creativity Awaits

This course community began at the University of Mary Washington in Spring of 2010 when Jim Groom re-imagined the way the Computer Science Course in Digital Storytelling, CPSC 106, might be taught.
Since Jim Groom blogged about ds106 as an open and online experiment on December 7, 2010, this site has aggregated and archived 72434 blog posts created by its participants (ds106.us,2018).”
Digital Storytelling (DS) is important in a digital age. Let’s admit it, we use the internet for almost everything anymore. So, when I heard that I had to take so many classes that had to deal with how to use technology in the digital age and digital literacy, I though I already knew everything there was to know. Then I had the wakeup call that I maybe didn’t really know all that there was to know!
Today, I’m focusing on a website called DS106. What is DS106 you may ask? Let’s just say that it is a class like no other, there is creativity everywhere you turn, and it doesn’t take a huge amount of time to be a part of it every day. Daily creative topics are posted, then it is up to you to them to where you want to go! For example, on February 21, 2018 the topic of discussion was #tdc2235 Show us the Pitch. One of my personal favorites? A tweet about how Morgan Freeman meshed together an I phone and a cat. The interesting things that you can find!
The whole course screams creativity itself. All it took was one man who wanted to re-think and re-create how students learned about digital storytelling. DS106 is such a creative way where you don’t even have to spend that much time on it to get your creative juices flowing. Sometimes we forget that it is okay for use to be creative, relaxed, and silly for a little bit while in school. We always seem to be so serious because we want to get incredibly good grades. This is why I would bring this into a classroom. It gives students a chance to be creative for a little bit. Because the tasks are short, they don’t take up a lot of time, but it gives students the time to relax for a bit while stull having their brains work. I believe students would be more motivated to get to work. In order to test my theory, I’m taking the DS106 30 day challenge. I’m going to immerse myself into DS106 topics for 30 days straight and see if it helps my creative juices to tart to flow. I can’t wait to start!


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