A New Passion

4353857_166f5d38fa_oPhoto CC: Liz Lawley

“What are you going to do for your independent learning project for the digital class thing you are taking?” My roommate asked me. I sat and pondered for a moment. What am I going to do? I walked to my next class and I fell right into a project. Quite literally, I tripped and about fell into a tub of yarn in the textiles classroom. My advisor had an abundance of yarn donated to the FCS department and she wanted us to help her get rid of it by taking some of it and doing some sort of project. I was good when it came to sewing and needlework, but I always wanted to know how to crochet. With navy blue yarn and a crocheting hook (kindly borrowed from my teacher) in hand, I took off on trying to learn how to make a blanket. To some people, a crocheted blanket may also be known as an afghan. An afghan in our family has an important meaning. Every time an important milestone happens in our family, you are usually given an afghan as a present. Getting married, having a baby, reaching retirement, or accomplishing something great are only a few reasons to be given an afghan in our family. The Franzen side is still very much into this and ever since my grandmother on my mom’s side passed, my aunt has carried the tradition from that side because my mom never had the opportunity to learn. Crocheting is always something I wanted to learn, and I’m thrilled to now have the opportunity!

My next step was, after learning how to start crocheting, what was the important event that would belong to the afghan? There are so many things to celebrate in life! After thinking about it for a couple of days and epically failing at first with my project, I have ran into a wall. The occasion I would make the afghan for will come to mind sometime during the semester, I just know it. I took another breath, and on Sunday, I got to work. I finally have the hang of it now and already have some of it done. My end goal is to have an afghan 5’7” wide and 6’ long. So far, I only have 4 inches of it done including the 5’7” width. It’s obviously going to take more than 2 hours per week to finish even if I crochet fast. My textiles teacher recommended that I keep track of how long it’s going to take me to make the afghan and I loved the idea! So here we go, right now where I’m getting the hang of it, it has already taken me about 8 hours of work.

I can’t wait to see the finished product!

I’m here and I absolutely can’t wait to be The Next Teacher.